The Golden Age of Gardens

As COVID-19 seems to be overstaying its welcome, well into the summer now, people are turning to the "great outdoors" for entertainment. Enough Netflix and Hulu--time for something productive. Although options may be limited for those in the city or suburbia, it seems gardens work for just about anyone who can afford the space in their yard... or even in their sunlit apartment. 

This happens to come at a time when champions of sustainability and environmentalists preach for sourcing food sustainably amidst the alleged climate crisis. Community gardens and personal gardens have been booming in the past decade, becoming a mainstream lifestyle within the more progressive population. 

Mix that in with a seemingly perpetual quarantine, and just about everyone and their mothers will be planting beans and tomatoes. So, as everyone begins setting up their garden, how do you decorate a garden? How do you make it a peaceful place, or rather, how do you make the gardening, an already therapeutic task, and take it a step further to zen? How do you make a garden better?

A shepherd hook or two is a good place to start.

Do you need music for your garden? We've got rich, soft, soothing windchimes of all different varieties. Do you want to light your garden? A lantern is a good way to show off your garden at night, or perhaps, to guide you in some late night picking or tending. Do you have some friendly birds who need a home? Hang a birdhouse. Do you have some hungry, friendly birds who need a meal? Hang a feeder. The list goes on and on. If you are feeling the need to give your plants some company, try decorating their home (the dirt around them)--check out our garden section for inspiration. We have everything from inspirational garden stones to glimmering suncatchers. Do you need music for your garden? We've got rich, soft, soothing windchimes of all different varieties. 


Happy Gardening!