Large Snowflakes - Set of 5 Clear Acrylic Large Snowflakes with Frosted Tips - Approximately 12" in Diameter


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  • CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS. This set of 5 large 12" snowflake ornaments are a clear acrylic finish with white sparkle, glittered tips. These are sure to highlight your holiday decorating display.
  • SNOWFLAKE ORNAMENTS. In any shape or size, snowflakes are a wonderful addition to your holiday display.
  • CHRISTMAS YARD DECORATIONS. These snowflakes are made of plastic and accented with glitter. They are a crystal-like texture that beautifully catches and reflects the light. They will look great hanging on your front door, outside in a tree, in a window, on a large tree or from a ceiling. Since these are so large, they would be a great addition to any snowflake themed party.
  • CRAFTING PROJECTS. These beautiful snowflakes will look great with any of your holiday crafting projects. Kids love to make crafts and will enjoy decorating these large snowflakes. Embellish them with lots of fun things to incorporate in your holiday display.
  • MEASUREMENTS. These snowflakes are approximately 12" in diameter. These beautiful snowflake ornaments come ready to hang because the silver cord is already attached to each one.