Rotating Stand LED Color Changing Display(1422)

Banberry Designs


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  • Stylish revolving LED display base AC or Battery operated. Beveled mirrored glass. DISPLAY USES: display items in store or at home. Show off crystal glass items, laser etched glass art, crystal cubes, jellyfish, quartz, collectibles, jewelry, antiques, etc. Place in a curio cabinet, shelf or table top. Used to bring attention to something in style.
  • AC ADAPTER INCLUDED: Only rotates with AC plug.
  • DUAL MODES Static Battery Mode or Rotating AC Mode both modes with LED lights. In battery mode requires 3 "AAA" batteries, batteries not included
  • COLOR CHANGING LED LIGHTS: 4 LED lights inside. Emits soothing light that changes and cycles color gradually and continuously, Red, Green, Orange and Blue. On/Off switch on the side of the base
  • SIZE: 1.75"H x 3.25" Diameter

Silver mirrored revolving turntable display base. A/C or battery operated. A/C adapter included or can run off 3 "AAA" batteries. On/Off switch. Great for use to display items such as knick-knacks, crystal items, perfume bottles, etc. Great for store displays or in home use. This item will light up with batteries but will not revolve with batteries only, you will need to use the A/C adapter that is included. Dual Modes - AC mode: Only rotates with AC plug. Shows LED lights. - DC battery mode: Static Non-Rotating with LED lights. -Both modes AC and DC have LED lights. -Unit contains 4 LED light bulbs.

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