Metal Wire Easels White Vinyl Coated Display Plate Stand Holder Hinged Adjustable Multi Position - Set of 3


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  • SET of 3 Flexible Multi-Position Metal Easels White vinyl covered wire
  • NON SLIP VINYL: Perfect for larger, difficult to brace items
  • USES: Holds plaques, plates, trays, tiles, books, ceramics, platters, Picture Frames, Art and other objects. Perfect for larger, difficult to brace items such as books, frames,etc.
  • SIZE: 8"H x 3.5"W
  • HINGED ADJUSTABLE BACK: Accommodates many sized items large and small. Top support piece folds down and collapses for easy storage.

This flexible easel is perfect for larger, more difficult to brace items. Such as large books, pictures, frames, plates....whatever has a tendency to become unstable. The back is bendable to any position which allows the slant of the object to be adjustable. The white vinyl covered wire finish will not harm any finish . Measures 8"H x 3.5"W