Pink and Purple Snowflakes - Frosted Pink and Frosted Purple Snowflakes(3555)


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Introducing "Christmas Joy" by Banberry Designs. Banberry Designs is known for quality Christmas ornament collections. These are the cutest furry, fuzzy colorful snowflakes. This set of 24 is the perfect size to decorate a frozen themed birthday party or small tree for your daughter's room. You will receive 12 teal snowflakes and 12 pink snowflakes for a total of 24 pcs.

  • TEAL AND PINK SNOWFLAKES. This set of 24 5 inch snowflakes are the perfect size to add to any Christmas tree. The colors are very bright and colorful. Each colored snowflake has a fuzzy texture to them which makes them very unique.
  • FROZEN PARTY DECORATIONS. Perfect shade of TEAL and pink to help decorate your FROZEN themed party or decorated a frozen themed room. Fun texture on these snowflakes to make it look like they have glistening snow on them.
  • COLORFUL SNOWFLAKES. These snowflakes have a furry texture to them so they will catch the light beautifully when hung from a doorway or entry. They shimmer and sparkle.
  • HANGING SNOWFLAKES. Use your own ribbon or thread to hang these snowflake decorations anywhere in your house for the holidays. Do you have a special themed tree that you love to buy new ornaments for every year? These would be perfect.
  • SIZE. These are your standard size 5 inch in diam. snowflake. They do not come with string, so it lets you lay them on the table as a centerpiece or add your own decorative ribbon to really make them festive.