Protective Glass Display - Approx 7" X 4 3/4" inch Dome Cloche - Bell Jar Decorative Glass Cover with Natural Wood Base


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  • PROTECTIVE DOME is approximately 7 inches tall. Overall total height is 7 5/8" with base
  • WOODEN BASE natural wooden base is approx 4 3/4" diameter with inside of base being 3 1/2" wide and 5/8" thickness.
  • GLASS DOME decorative glass cloche dome with wooden base, use to display small keepsake decor items. The glass dome will protect items from dust.
  • VERSATILE DISPLAY CASE use for an excellent way to display, showcase and protect your items. Perfect to keep candles dust free when not in use. Use for trinkets and collectibles; anything you want to show off and protect.
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