4" Gold Wire Easel Display Plate Holders Set of 4


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A smooth brass easel holds a book, frame, brochure, painting, small plate, photo, etc. firmly on any smooth surface. Made of one continuous piece of smoothly polished 1/8" metal wire and then plated in a bright brass finish they are perfect for any budget. The width is 3-1/2" to give them stability and they are 4"H. The front bar rises approximately 1" above the cradle and has a vertical bend to ensure that objects placed behind it will not slide off. You will receive 3 pcs.
  • SET of 4 - Smooth brass easels Non-tarnish finish.
  • SIZE: 4"H x 3.5"W.
  • USES: Great tabletop easel for displaying saucers, plates, small picture frames, decorative coasters, tiles, plates, plaques, small and some medium-sized items like collectible books. Great way to display items for kitchen home decor.
  • BRASS FINISH: Classy, elegant, sturdy and stable. High gloss and virtually
  • COLOR: Brass.