6" Gold Wire Easel Plate Holders - Set of 3


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A smooth brass easel holds a book, frame, brochure, painting, plate, photo, recipe book, etc. firmly on any smooth surface. Made of one continuous piece of smoothly polished 1/8" metal wire and then plated in a bright brass finish they are perfect for any budget. The width is 5.5" to give them stability and they are 6"H. The front bar rises approximately 1" above the cradle and has a vertical bend to insure that objects placed behind it will not slide off. 
  • SET of 3 - Large Smooth brass easels.
  • USES: Great tabletop easel for displaying platters, plates, picture frames, decorative collector items, tiles, plates, plaques, collectible books, recipe books. Great way to display items for kitchen home decor.
  • SMOOTH BRASS FINISH: Classy, elegant, sturdy and stable. High gloss and virtually non-tarnishable.
  • Easel stands 6"H and will accommodate most items up to 12"H.
  • SIZE: 6"H x 5.5"W.